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A Proposed Settlement has been reached entitled
Graifman v. Trend Micro Corporation,
United States District Court for the Northern District of California,
Case No. CV 11-02488 RMW

Update:  Checks were mailed on January 27, 2014.

On November 15, 2013, the Court granted Final Approval of the Settlement discussed below.  The time periods for electing the two (2) settlement options set forth in the settlement are now running.  These two options are as follows:

Option 1 –  A voucher in the amount of $5.00, redeemable for thirteen (13) months, towards the purchase of any product(s) or services available at the Trend Micro Website in an email dated July 31, 2013.  These voucher codes are now active, and may be redeemed through December 15, 2014.  For more information, please see the FAQ page on this website.

Option 2 – A cash payment of $1.10.  The deadline for filing a claim for this cash payment has passed.


Deadline for redeeming the $5.00 voucher sent on July 31, 2013

December 15, 2014

Deadline for submitting claim form to receive $1.10 cash payment    

December 15, 2013

Final Approval

 November 15, 2013

    In this Action, the Plaintiff alleges that Trend Micro engaged in unlawful practices relating to terminating the remaining term of certain customers’ then-current license when they converted, renewed, or upgraded their product subscriptions online, without providing a credit or refund for unused subscription time, and that Trend Micro failed to disclose this practice.  That is, Plaintiff contends that such customers had the remaining term on their then-current software licenses terminated when they, prior to the expiration of their then-current license and through Trend Micro’s online subscription renewal website, either (i) purchased a paid license for a Trend Micro Product to replace a free trial license (that is, "converted"), (ii) renewed their then-current license (that is, "renewed"), or (iii) purchased a license for an upgraded  Trend Micro Product (that is, "upgraded").  Trend Micro denies the claims made in this Action and denies that anyone has been harmed or should receive compensation in relation to the claims. The Court has not made a decision on the merits, i.e. the Court has not decided who wins and who loses.    

    You are a member of the class the Court has certified in this Action if you resided in the United States of America during the period of time from and including March 2, 2007 up to and including May 17, 2013, and within this period ”extended” (as described above) a Trend Micro software subscription with Trend Micro, at Trend Micro’s online subscription renewal website, prior to the expiration of an existing Trend Micro software subscription, and whose then-existing subscription was cut off and replaced by the new subscription.  Trend Micro Product means any antivirus, internet security, internet safety and other software product sold during the class period by Trend Micro on a term license basis for protection updates, content updates and/or other updates, including:

  • Titanium Antivirus+
  • Titanium Internet Security
  • Titanium Maximum Security
  • Trend Antivirus
  • Trend Internet Security
  • Trend Internet Security Pro. 

    Excluded from the class are defendant and its agents and affiliates, government entities, and any customer for whom, at the customer’s request, Trend Micro provided an additional extension that reinstated in full the time remaining on the existing subscription.


This website is supervised by counsel and the Court and is controlled by Rust Consulting, the Settlement Administration firm that handles all aspects of notice and claim processing. This is the only authorized website for this litigation. Please do not rely on other sites that set out different and unauthorized information. If you have any questions, please contact the Settlement Administrator.

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